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A Beautiful Website Matters

Since the consumer internet was popularized in the late 90's, there have been three stages of website development. In Web1.0, a static landing page with some text, links, and photos was all that a company needed. With Web2.0, consumers started expecting dynamic content, like blog posts. But In Web3.0, where we live now, users expect brands to have beautifully-polished, interactive websites that respond to them and host beautiful content.

Websites with Superpowers

All of our websites are the perfect combination of beautiful, functional, and intuitive. Every website that we design includes:

  • Dynamic elements, that move as users interact with them
  • Beautiful multimedia, from either our content library or yours
  • Professionally-written copy, by one of our expert copywriters
  • Forms and Surveys, so you can easily manage user submissions

If you want to super-charge your website with web-app functionality, we can add additional features such as:

  • User profiles, with unique capabilities and profile pages
  • Commenting & Discussion Features, so visitors can interact with each other
  • Filtering & Database Interactions, helping users find exactly what they need
  • ECommerce Features, with native payment functionality
  • and more...
Working with Urban Harbor Media was like wishing for a better website, and then it magically appearing in less than 4 days
Greg Cangialosi, Baltimore Angels

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