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From Photography to Thought Leadership

In today's digital world, brands are expected to have highly-polished digital presences. Blurry photos, shaky video, and a sparsely-populated company blog all reflect poorly on an organization. But getting professional-level photos, video, and thought-leadership content requires a ton of time, training, and money - not to mention a ton of specialization. Urban Harbor employees a team of talented content producers who create top-quality content for any type of brand or aesthetic.

A One-Stop-Shop

You probably don't have the time or energy to track down a separate photographer, videographer, or content writer for all of your projects. That's why we provide a wide array of professional services, so that you can spend less time tracking down services, and more time doing what matters: 

  • Photographers, specializing in portrait, landscape, product, and event photography
  • Videographers, specializing in special events, commercials, music videos, documentaries, and more
  • Video Editors & Animators, with experience in creating professional short and long-form content
  • Graphic  Designers, for marketing materials, logos, packaging, and more
  • Copywriters, to ensure your website, product copy, and communications are professional
  • Content Experts, who research, write, and publish thought-leadership pieces of your choosing
Before Urban Harbor, we were taking product photos with our iPhones and hand-drawing our logos. UHM completely redesigned our entire content process to be amazingly polished & professional

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