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Website & Webapp Development Services

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Website Development
All UHM websites are visually stunning across all devices, we cover the hosting fees for the first 12 months, and we'll show you how to easily add and edit content whenever you please
  • 1-page landing page: $1,000
    1 week turnaround
  • 3-5 page website: $2,500
    2 week turnaround
  • 5+ page website with content: $5,000
    3 week turnaround
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Webapp Development
UHM Webapps extend traditional website functionality so you can engage your audience, deliver online services, and more. All of our webapps are built to be beautiful and easy to manage.
  • Membership Site: $5,000
    3 week turnaround
  • Aggregator Site: $7,500
    4 week turnaround
  • Custom-Built Application: we'll match any price, guaranteed
Social Media
Social Media
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Social Media Marketing

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Multimedia Content Creation

Thought Leadership
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Social Media Management Services

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Content Creation
UHM approaches Content Creation as an art - we put meticulous effort into every piece we produce, so you can wow your audience. All packages come with a dedicated Content Manger & Concept Visioning
  • Underdog Bundle: $500/month
    - 1 edited 60-sec video
    - 1 photoshoot with edits
    - 2 hours of filming, 1 location
  • Humble Bundle: $3,000/month
    - 3 edited 60-sec videos or 1 long-form video
    - 2 photoshoots with edits
    - 5 hours of filming, 3 locations
  • Major Bundle: $4,500/month
    - 8 edited videos, up to 2 minutes each
    - 1 documentary film, up to 60 min
    - 4 photoshoots with edits
    - 10 hours of filming, 10 locations
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Social Media Management
UHM Social Media Management allows you to focus on building your business, not posting on Instagram. Our team has expertise on all major social platforms to help you build the audience you deserve
  • Underdog Bundle: $450/month
    - weekly meeting with content manager
    - Creation of a social media strategy
    - 1 curated post per week across all platforms
  • Humble Bundle: $1,500/month
    - 2x weekly meetings with content manager
    - 1 campaign per month
    - 2 curated posts per week across all platforms
  • Major Bundle: $3,000/month
    - dedicated content and brand manager
    - 3 campaigns per month
    - 4 curated posts per week across all platforms
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